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Submarine Cable IP Bandwidth (SMCIPBW) Internet access and connectivity through Submarine Cable systems. Where Internet means worldwide collection of public and private router based networks that are connected via gateways and exchange points and which will all utilize TCP/IP protocol suite.

Tariff is a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports. Over here at the Itel GMAX we provide the best tariff. Our clients do not have to worry about any extra expenses to setup an ISP connection. Plus Being one of the certified IIG operators of the country, we ensure reliability. Nevertheless GMAX IIG is the bearer one of the Country's best SLAs (Service Level Agreement) that will favour mainly our clients. We will ensure that the service that our clients are recieving are top-notch and economic at the same time.

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GMAX IIG believes in CLIC (Connect, Learn, Innovate & Collaborate)

One of the Best International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator

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